With a large following among Latin audiences, the multi-talented Odalys Garcia has worked as a television host, recording artist, and actress.

In 2009, after two years at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles, Odalys finished her first feature film IJE- The Journey. She plays Carolina, a devoted illegal immigrant single mother, who witnesses a crime and struggles to become untangled for fear of deportation.

In 2008 she joined playwright Rich Najera’s nationally recognized stage production Latinologues T2U, a collection of comedic and poignant monologues about Latino life in America. Odalys sparkled in her portrayal of Cuba Libre, a lady of the night, desperate to leave the island behind for a life of freedom in The US.

Odalys’ television career began on Univision, one of the largest Spanish language network in The United States, when she debuted as the model on Don Francisco’s Noche de Gigantes. Soon she was signed to host De Pelicula. With her charismatic and dynamic personality Odalys’ popularity soared when she earned the host spot on the long running hit comedy show Lente Loco.

As an admired celebrity, Odalys was spokesperson for Bally Total Fitness for three consecutive years. She was also the public face for Toma Leche, a Got Milk campaign aimed at raising awareness of the health benefits of drinking milk.

In 2002 doors to the music world opened when Odalys released her first CD Ven a Ver with producer Abraham Quintanilla. Her second CD recorded in 2006 Odalys Garcia was made under the guidance of the highly respected award winning producer Marco Flores. She has appeared before demanding audiences at renowned international festivals and award events including Festival de Acapulco (Mexico), Viña del Mar (Chile), and stateside events Premios Juventud and Premios Lo Nuestro.

Throughout her career Odalys has dedicated herself to public service including telethons in Honduras and El Salvador. As spokesperson for Southern California City of Hope’s Caminos al Exito, she promoted the importance of regular doctor visits for the prevention and detection of major illnesses, such as cancer.

Odalys’ relationship with the stage began at five years old when she started dance lessons. By nine she was accepted into the prestigious Escuela Provincial de Ballet de Alicia Alonso where she continued for four years until coming to The United States.

Multi-talented with a loyal following among Latin audiences, Odalys Garcia now resides in Los Angeles, California. At the present time she is devoted to her acting career and is evaluating new projects in English and Spanish.